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AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

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Technical data

Length: 556 – 632 mm*
Width: 445 mm
Height: 219 mm
Weight: 1,16 kg
* Adjustable buttstock

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Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

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Product description

The revolution of tactical crossbows:

Everything that made the Stinger so popular, now even better. With a completely redesigned base, new limb technology, a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable butt stock.

Additionally, our AR-6 Stinger II Tactical (only for open system) now includes these popular tuning options out of the box:

  • Quick-detach limb system

  • Tuning trigger

This makes it the most versatile and best crossbow on the market!

Our new crossbow was specifially designed for the repeating mechanism of the Stinger.
The longer Picatinny rail allows a flexible positioning of the vertical foregrip.
In combination with the butt stock we elevated the cocking of the Stinger to a new level.

The all new fiber optic fron sight also accelerates aiming and eases it.
Never before was it possible to shoot 6 arrows this quick and precise!

Both the crossbow body as well as the magazine are made from high quality polymer and the whole crossbow stands out as very durable and lightweight.

The new limbs are made from both carbon fiber as well as glass fiber and improve the power of the AR-6 Stinger II considerably!

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Product videos

Introducing our AR-6 Stinger II Tactical
Installing the string on the AR-6 Stinger II
How to safely decock your AR-6 Stinger II without firing an arrow
Unboxing and assembly of the AR-6 Tactical (closed system)