Fast - light - accurate - powerful

Ultra-light, highly maneuverable, an extremely high rate of fire, and more than enough power for all relevant applications – this may just make our new AR-6 Stinger II the best tactical crossbow in the world.

Our new speed loaders cut reload times to seconds and our wide range of accessories lets you customize the crossbow to your needs: a red dot sight for farther distances, a laser and light for use in the dark, limbs with different draw weights, and specialized bolts for different applications.

Thanks to the AR-15 buttstock, the AR-6 Stinger II is considerably more ergonomic and easier to cock, and the integrated fiber optic front sight provides for extremely quick aiming.

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6 shot magazine

Easy cocking


Watch the AR-6 Stinger II in action

Playful and crazy as we are, we have staged our new AR-6 Stinger 2 in a particularly martial way this time. A former foundry provides us with the perfect backdrop to showcase the strengths of the Stinger 2: Perfectly suited for use in urban environments and indoors, where quick target acquisition and rapid response are essential. Neither dust, dirt or grime can harm our rugged Stinger 2. What also nice to see, with the Stinger 2 you are always ideally equipped...

  • High rate of fire

    You cock the limbs quickly and easily with a cocking lever, which makes for extremely rapid strings of fire.


    Fast aiming

    The new fiber optic front sight makes it even easier and more intuitive to aim the Stinger. Combined with the new buttstock, the crossbow is even steadier when aiming, which makes for a level of precision never before seen from a compact crossbow.

  • Rapid reloading

    You can refill the magazine quickly by releasing the retaining spring on the cover. Open the cover, drop the bolts in, close the cover, and you’re done. The magazine can also hold bolts with broadheads and bodkin tips. And if you use the new speed loaders, you can fill an empty magazine in seconds!


    Safe loaded storage

    You can store your AR-6 Stinger II loaded with bolts. This represents absolutely no danger when the limbs are not cocked. And you can make it ready to fire in an instant.

  • Tool-free string replacement

    The string on a rapid-fire repeating crossbow is subjected to enormous stress. So it’s all the better that you can replace the string on your AR-6 Stinger II quickly and without tools.


    Enhanced safety

    With the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical, there is no need to walk around with a cocked crossbow as would be necessary with a conventional platform – you can make it ready to fire in an instant. You no longer put your hand in danger by loading an arrow in front of a cocked string. This makes the AR-6 Stinger II considerably safer than most conventional crossbows.

  • Reliable and robust

    Our AR-6 Stinger II is extremely robust and practically indestructible thanks to the impact-resistant and durable polymer material. All elements of the AR-6 Stinger II are designed to ensure maximum reliability and durability.


    Light as a feather

    The AR-6 Stinger II is made of high-quality, ultra-light polymer. Tipping the scales at only 1.2 kg fully equipped, it is the lightest tactical crossbow ever.

How the AR-6 Stinger II works

  • The perfect limb for you

    Our AR-6 Stinger II is not just a crossbow. It is a versatile platform for a wide range of uses, from pure fun shooting at empty beverage cans, ambitious sporting to serious hunting use in emergency and survival situations.

  • Our range of arrows

    With the AR-6 Stinger II platform, the arrow determines the accuracy and penetration to a large degree. At the same time, proper arrows are also important for the reliability and functioning of the entire crossbow. One more reason to think carefully before making a choice.

  • Sights and aiming devices

    What is the best aiming device for your AR-6 Stinger II?

    Here you will find everything about our sights and aiming aids to customize your crossbow exactly to your needs.

Technical data

556 – 632 mm*
445 mm
219 mm
1,16 kg
Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

* Adjustable buttstock



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