Magazine for compound bows

The FENRIS is neither a traditional bow nor a crossbow – it is something entirely new!

The combination of a magazine and a compound bow is an experience like no other and is highly addictive.

Even with just a short amount of practice, any archer can attain high precision and accuracy and a previously impossible rate of fire.

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Fast firing, uncomplicated handling and shooting from any firing position. We promise all this with our FENRIS. But is that even possible with a bow?
How better to prove the performance of our FENRIS than in the dense undergrowth of a steep mountain forest. Take a look at our short video and see for yourself.

  • High rate of fire

    The FENRIS is designed to allow you to fire five arrows without taking a hand off the bow. You remain focused on the target through the entire shot string and can fire 5 arrows in a matter of seconds.


    More precision

    The FENRIS is manufactured to such tight tolerances that the bow is drawn back precisely the same every time you draw it, down to the millimeter. This helps you to aim more easily, and ensures consistent results.

  • Easier Aiming

    The Steambow FENRIS eliminates a number of aspects of archery that require a great deal of practice. All you have to do is focus on your target, and the magazine and release will do the rest. You can attain a level of proficiency in hours that would otherwise take years.


    Flexible Release

    The Steambow FENRIS has a release mechanism that is as simple as the trigger on a firearm and that can be installed vertically or horizontally in accordance with your preferences. Depending on how you mount the magazine on the bow, you release the shot with your thumb or little finger.

  • Reload in a single motion

    Once the FENRIS magazine is filled, you fire each arrow with the same draw weight. The FENRIS reloads your bow each time you draw back – meaning that you can fire all arrows in the magazine in rapid succession.


    No dry firing

    The specially shaped retaining arm lets you feel when the magazine is empty. This provides effective protection against accidental firing without an arrow in the magazine, and the associated damage to your bow. If you try to reload without an arrow in the magazine, the retaining arm catches on the string.

  • Safe loaded storage

    You can store your FENRIS loaded with arrows. Because the system is not under tension, there is no danger. Yet you can pick up the bow and draw back, and your FENRIS is ready to fire.


    More safety

    The arrows are stowed safely in the FENRIS magazine, and the FENRIS cannot fire until after the bow is drawn.

How the FENRIS works

FENRIS on your bow

The basic idea and a simple prototype of the Steambow FENRIS bow magazine were put forward by the YouTuber and entrepreneur Jörg Sprave in 2017. Steambow picked the idea up and created the FENRIS – a unique archery experience.

Stable, light, and accurate, the Steambow FENRIS can be mounted on most modern compound bows. Also available as part of the FENRIS/M1 bundle.

  • FENRIS Hunting tips

    For every purpose the right arrowhead - with us you can get them:

    • Practice tips
    • Bodkin tips
    • Wolf Fang Hunting tips
    • Mechanical hunting tip Impact

  • Sighting system

    The FENRIS magazine has a prepared mount for the laser and a Picatinny rail for a red dot sight or you can exchange the rail for the universal mount of our tactical light. You can also attach an optional Picatinny rail near to the trigger.

  • Well protected

    For our FENRIS complete set there is a matching transport case. With beautiful waterjet-cut inlays, your FENRIS and M1 will be well protected as well as an eye-catcher every time you open it.

Technical Data

FENRIS bow magazine

Magazine capacity
5 arrows
830 mm
41 mm
81 mm
1,4 kg
Milled, anodized aluminum

M1 compound bow

325 mm
62 mm
800 mm
1,5 kg
Riser material
Cams material
7075 aircraft aluminum


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