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Set: Steambow FENRIS – magazine with compound bow ”M1″

Set: Steambow FENRIS – magazine with compound bow ”M1″

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Technical data

FENRIS magazine:

Length: 830 mm
width: 41 mm
Height: 81 mm
Weight: 1,4 kg

Compound bow "M1

Length: 325 mm
width: 62 mm
Height: 800 mm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Draw weight: 17 to 70 lbs

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Milled, anodized aluminum

M1 Compound bow:

Riser material: Magnesium
Cams material: 7075 aircraft aluminum

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Product description


Compound bow magazine for a high & precise rate of fire.

Magazine capacity: 5 arrows

The bow magazine was invented in 2017 by the German YouTuber and entrepreneur “Joerg Sprave” and got even better over the years. In collaboration with our development team at Steambow this once prototype turned into a serial product – the FENRIS.
A robust but also featherweight and precise accessory for almost every modern bow.

Without any serious training every marksman will achieve incredible accuracy and marksmanship and even an incredibly high rate of fire.
The magazine can be quickly removed for transport.

contains 5 carbon arrows + field tips

Compound bow „M1“

Specially selected and configured cmpound bow for the FENRIS-magazine.

The “M1” from Topoint is an insider favorite amog modern compound bows. The magnesium riser and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum cams make it especially light, and the premium limbs are manufactured in the USA by Gordon Composites – the world’s largest supplier of fiber reinforced composite materials.

The adapter plate made of milled and anodized aluminum.

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Product videos

Unboxing and assembling of the FENRIS:
Tipps und Techniken für eine lange Lebensdauer deiner FENRIS Bogensehne