The philosophy behind our uppers

With the AR series, we have created far more than just a crossbow. It is much more a platform that adapts to your needs. You are individual, so your crossbow should be too. Our modular system based on the AR series offers you countless possibilities and makes our crossbows unique on the market. No matter how you want to use our Stinger, it is suitable for every situation and can be perfectly adapted to your needs. If you are looking for something for hunting, self-protection, sport or simply for your play instinct - we have the right upper for you.

What do we mean by upper?

The upper is the part of the crossbow that is located above the rail. This can be a classic magazine, a frame for the interchangeable magazines or our single-shot scope rail, which you already know from our Survival.

We refer to the rail and everything underneath it as the lower, which includes the various cocking systems (Compact, Tactical and Survival).

Here you can get an overview of the uppers we offer for the AR series:

  • The AR-6 Upper, polymer / aluminum is our robust workhorse and ideal for all those who have a rather "serious" application in mind. The magazine capacity is 6 arrows.

  • The M10 Upper, Polymer enables lightning-fast reloading with the M10 detachable magazines. This makes it the only magazine on the market that can be seriously used for dynamic shooting sports. The magazine capacity is 10 arrows.

  • The scope rail is designed for the one perfect shot. With this system, only one arrow is used at a time and, with the aid of a scope, it is the first choice for precision shooters and hunters.

AR-6 Upper


The AR-6 magazine is screwed to the main body and has a capacity of 6 arrows. The arrows lie in one row on top of the other. With over 100,000 units already sold, one thing has become clear: The AR-6 is not only extremely reliable, but can also fire anything that fits into the magazine well and can pass through the opening at the front. However, the AR-6 is optimized for our hunting and war arrows.

Although it only holds 6 arrows, the fixed magazine offers more than enough firepower to cope with any hunting or defense situation. Or to put it another way: If the 6 arrows are not enough, then you generally need a different device.

The magazine housing is closed on all sides, so hunting blades are well protected and cannot fall out or get dirty from the outside. All fits and tolerances of the AR-6 are optimized for the most adverse conditions: whether mud and dirt, whether in the depths of winter in icy temperatures or in the car at the height of summer: our crossbow can be used from -20°C to +100°C.


The AR-6 magazine is screwed to the main body and has a capacity of 6 arrows. The arrows lie in one row on top of each other and can therefore neither get caught nor jammed. The manufacturing tolerances of this magazine, which is milled from a solid block of aluminium and anodized, are significantly lower. As a result, our aluminum magazine achieves a higher level of precision than the polymer version.

Our elegant aluminum magazine also impresses with new functions:

  • The sighting system (rear and front sight) has been revised. The front sight can also be adjusted according to your needs.
  • The lid is self-opening at the touch of a button and remains open during the reloading process.
  • The side mechanism for convenient loading with the speed loader blocks the arrows and can be used on the left or right side of the magazine.

M10 Upper, polymer

It is easy to quickly exchange the magazines (left and right-handed operation possible) and each of them has capacity of 10 bolts. As those magazines fit into standard mag-pouches for AR-15/M-4 rifles it is comfortable to carry spare magazines. And of course, all our AR-Series arrows fit into these magazines, regardless if they are target arrows or deadly broadheads.

And with razor sharp broadheads those closed magazine offer another advantage: the dangerous tips are enclosed and it is now much less likely to hurt yourself. Especially our AR-6 speedloader needs some care when using them with razor sharp tips and under stress. So you are not only much quicker with a reload but also much safer.

Another safety feature is the new manual safety of the M-10 upper. When engaged it reliable prevents accidental discharges. Something you have to be more careful with the AR-6 which has no manual safety.

Another awesome feature of the M-10 is the new AR-15 takedown pin that allows you to quickly exchange the limbs or allowing access to maintain the string.

Scope rail

The scope rail is not a magazine, but an attachment for the rail to fire one perfect shot. This makes our Stinger a classic single-shot crossbow and also offers the highest precision within the Stinger family. With the help of a scope, experienced shooters can easily cover longer distances.

Especially for hunting and precision shooting, the speed of the reloading process does not play a significant role and so this system can fully exploit its strengths.

The rear sight and front sight can be individually adjusted to suit personal needs. The required tools are already integrated into the scope rail and are therefore always at hand.

The single-shot scope rail also has a manual safety. This prevents unintentional firing and is extremely helpful for tasks in the undergrowth and when hunting.

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