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AR-Series - M10 Tactical complete set incl. transport case

AR-Series - M10 Tactical complete set incl. transport case


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Technische Daten

AR-Series – M10 Tactical
Length: 615 mm
Width: 80 mm
Height: 210 mm
Weight: 1,8 kg

AR-Series – M10 Magazine
Length: 170 mm
Width: 30 mm
Height: 66 mm
Weight: 186 g

AR-Series – Aluminum target arrows
Length: 162 mm
Width: 20 mm
Height: 6 mm
Arrow weight: 9,2 g / 142 grains

AR-Series – Folding stock adapter
Length: 135 mm
Width: 115 mm
Height: 55 mm
Weight: 190 g


  • 1 AR-Series – M10 Tactical
  • 1 AR-Series – transport case M10
  • 1 additional AR-Series – M10 magazine (3 magazines in total)
  • 1 additional pack of AR-Series - aluminum target arrows (30 arrows in total)
  • 1 AR-Series folding stock adapter incl. protective cover


AR-Series – M10 Tactical
Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer with high glass percentage

AR-Series – transport case M10
Hard-shell case made of robust plastic with water jet-cut inlay

AR-Series – M10 Magazine
Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

AR-Series – Aluminum target arrows
blue anodized aluminum

AR-Series – Folding stock adapter
Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

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AR-Series – M10 Tactical

The new M10 repeating crossbow - an exceptional crossbow in every way.

Lightweight & robust
The M10 is made from a high-strength polymer with an extremely high proportion of glass fibers. Thanks to this very stable and lightweight material, our M10 is incredibly easy to handle and can be used at lightning speed. The low overall weight also has a positive effect when transporting the crossbow. The crossbow can be dismantled for transportation and can be made ready for use in just a few seconds.

Fast & precise
Its lightning-fast target acquisition, high precision and extreme reliability make it an excellent choice for all demanding applications, be it personal protection, dynamic shooting or hunting.
Thanks to the quick-release system, the M10 can be reloaded in a fraction of a second, allowing experienced shooters to achieve an impressive rate of fire.
The rear sight of the M10 has a highly visible illuminated front sight. The point of impact can be easily selected using different rear sights. The buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest is adjustable in length in several positions.

Maximum firepower
10 arrows fit into each of the removable magazines. All types of 6.2 x 162 mm arrows can be loaded, e.g. hunting arrows, bodkin arrows or sporting arrows. The magazines are approximately the size of STANAG magazines (e.g. for an AR-15/M-4) and can be easily transported in most magazine pouches.

Safety & practicality
Another new feature is the manual safety, which deactivates the crossbow completely when required and can be operated with both hands. A total of 4 Picatinny rails allow the mounting of accessories such as weapon lights, laser sights and much more.

Multiple QD attachment points allow a rifle sling to be attached and detached quickly.

AR-Series – Transport case M10

The M10 transport case offers enough space for your M10 Tactical with folding stock adapter, two additional magazines, a limb with quick-detach block and a few accessories such as spare string, lubricant and the like.

The inlay is water jet-cut and thus precisely adapted to the above-mentioned configuration.

Note: The contents of the case shown in the photos are not part of this product!

AR-Series – M10 magazine

Interchangeable magazine for M10 Upper

It is easy to quickly exchange the magazines (left and right-handed operation possible) and each of them has capacity of 10 bolts. As those magazines fit into standard mag-pouches for AR-15/M-4 rifles it is comfortable to carry spare magazines. And of course, all our AR-Series arrows fit into these magazines, regardless if they are target arrows or deadly broadheads.

The benefit of detachable magazines is not only the quick reload, but that it is now very easy to quickly exchange the arrow type. This allows you to adapt to any situation. E.g. if you store your crossbow after a target session, you can still very quickly get it ready for a defensive application by loading a magazine filled with hunting arrows. And with razor sharp broadheads those closed magazine offer another advantage: the dangerous tips are enclosed and it is now much less likely to hurt yourself. Especially our AR-6 speedloader needs some care when using them with razor sharp tips and under stress. So you are not only much quicker with a reload but also much safer.

AR-Series – Aluminum target arrows

High-end target arrows for the AR-6 Stinger. Blue anodized for distinguishability inside the magazine.

The arrows are completely made of aluminum and have perfect balance. The tip is riveted and additionally glued into the shaft.

The vanes are made from rubber and allow great aerodynamics. The vanes can however fall of when hitting too soft targets. These can then be glued onto the shaft again with model glue (such as “UHU hart”).

This pack contains 10 target arrows.

ATTENTION: Never use bent arrows in your AR-6 stinger. This can trigger failed shots. Such “dry shots” can damage the string and the limb.

Caution: These arrows penetrate leather, skin, and tissue with ease, causing severely bleeding wounds, even if the tips are less sharp than the blades of our war or hunting arrows. A single hit with such an arrow can easily cause life-threatening injuries, so special care must be taken when handling these arrows.

AR-Series – folding stock adapter

Adapter to make the buttstock of the AR-6 Stinger II foldable.


  • 1 AR-Series – M10 Tactical
  • 1 AR-Series – transport case M10
  • 1 additional AR-Series – M10 magazine (3 magazines in total)
  • 1 additional pack of AR-Series - aluminum target arrows (30 arrows in total)
  • 1 AR-Series folding stock adapter incl. protective cover

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AR-Series M10 Trailer