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AR-6 Stinger II – limb-block Special Edition

AR-6 Stinger II – limb-block Special Edition

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Technical data

Length: 4.5 cm
Width: 3,5 cm
Height: 1.6 cm
Weight: 26 g

Scope of delivery

  • 1 limb-block


Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

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Product description

Note: This limb block is required for additional limbs when using the AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition and the metal magazine for the AR-6 Stinger II!
For metal magazines delivered from November 2023 onwards, the normal limb blocks must be used!

Attention: If your metal magazine has a straight contour on the underside above the position of the limb (see picture), then you must use the standard limb blocks (item no.: 0000542)!

Limb-block for mounting all limbs of the AR-Stinger II for use with the cut-frame of the upgrade-kit “quick-detach limbs”. With this limb-block you can quickly exchange the limbs without any effect on accuracy.

The mounting block is attached to the limb and allows the limb to be inserted with repeat accuracy.
Such a mounting block is already included in the scope of delivery of the upgrade kit "Quick Change Throwing Arms" (Art.No.: 0000541). This additional block is therefore only needed if you want to use more than one limb (e.g. if you want to use limbs with different draw weights).

Scope of delivery

  • 1 limb-block

Product videos

Take a glance at our upgrade-Kit “quick-detach limbs”:
This is how you use the upgrade-kit with your AR-6 Stinger II: