Mounting the Steambow speedloader quiver to the AR-6 Stinger II

Speedloaders are most useful if they are easy to access: the best way is to mount them in the Steambow quiver: watch to learn tips on how.

The Steambow quiver comes with a finger-loop speedloader and two mounting options. One is a belt clip and the other is a picatinny rail attachment. Both these attach to the quiver in the same way so, first, you need to decide how you want to carry your speedloaders but for the purposes of this blog we are looking at the picatinny rail attachment that is the more popular option, generally.

Once the pack is open, put everything aside except the quiver, picatinny rail mounting plate and screws. First decide where the mounting plate will go on the quiver as this will determine how your quiver sits on your Stinger II. If you want the quiver to run parallel to the rail, the mounting plate groove must run in the same direction as the quiver’s body. If you want the quiver to be at 90 degrees to the rail, you must mount the plate so the groove is at 90 degrees to the quiver body. 

Once that is decide you can mount the plate to the quiver itself. To mount the adaptor to the quiver you need to feed the screws into the mounting plate and through the mounting holes on the quiver. This means the nuts for those screws need to be inside the quiver which can make keeping them in place long enough for the screws to start threading into them quite tricky. 

If the mounting holes you are using are close to the mouth of the quiver, you can do this with your fingers. If they are deeper inside, you need something to keep them in place. A block of packing foam cut to fit the space in the quiver is one option or a piece of cardboard cut to match the height of the quiver mouth. Whichever method you choose, place the first nut in the internal groove that runs where the screw holes have been pre drilled in the quiver and then trap the nut in place with your foam or cardboard retention aid. Use this aid to slide the nut along the groove until it sits over the hole you want to screw it to. 

Once both screws have been tightly fastened and the mounting plate is secure, you can feed it on to the picatinny rail you have reserved for it and use the long nut and bolt to secure the quiver to the rail.

You can now insert your speedloader to keep it readily available.

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