Keeping your experience positive

Improving products gives customers ever-better goods to choose from. But some may miss out on the latest upgrades.

Keeping your experience positive

This blog is specifically relevant to any owners of the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical bought before 1st November 2021. If that’s you, read on.

Steambow is often described as innovative and that is a welcome description. But, innovation means things get revised and replaced: some customers may feel they are missing out. For that reason we are reaching out to our earlier customers.

Do you own an older Stinger II?

Although the Stinger II initially looks the same now as it did when it was launched, a closer look will reveal some changes.

Those changes have come from lessons learnt or production improvements and, where possible, we want some existing customers to enjoy the same AR-6 Stinger II spare parts.

So: if you own a AR-6 Stinger II Tactical that you bought before November 2021, you might like what you read next.

Magazine fasteners

The magazine on these AR-6 Stinger II repeating crossbows was bolted down at the rear with a wide-thread woodscrew-type fastener. And while these still work, the design has evolved to have a brass insert, within the polymer, for a more secure assembly.

Owners who own a Tactical that fits the purchase time detailed above can now email Steambow and have a brass insert and small bolt mailed to them free of charge. Steambow produced a video detailing how to replace this part which you can see here.
The presenter of the YouTube channel Fletched Evolution also posted a video of how he installed his: you can see that here.

If you prefer direct help, please contact our customer support for assistance. If you do, please be sure to include clear photos of your Stinger II Tactical so that we can confirm if parts are applicable in your case.

Upgraded cocking arms too

If your Stinger II crossbow is eligible for the replacement screw insert, you will also receive the newer versions of the cocking arms which have a polished and dark mirroring quality to the end result and outstanding corrosion resistance.

So there it is: if you bought your Tactical before November 2021, you only need to write in to get your shinier, more resilient cocking arms and your replacement magazine screw sent out.

Just make sure to include photos of your Stinger II Tactical to confirm you what have is eligible, but beyond that it is dead easy.

Write to the Steambow team. They will be happy to help as soon as possible. Meanwhile, have a look at which other Steambow Stinger II accessories are also available in our shop.

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