Introducing Steambow's Multitool

This blog is short introduction to Steambow’s multi-tool and includes a youtube video on the same topic.

Steambow’s stainless steel, stonewashed multi-tool is a very versatile addition to any pocket or backpack. For that reason it makes a very logical choice for your EDC (Every Day Carry) lineup. Gerald, Steambow’s CEO, has made a video introduction of it that you can see above.

So, what can you do with it?

As the name suggests, there are different parts for different purposes and tasks. The most recognisable feature is its selection of common metric hex-nut spanner sizes ranging from 7mm to 13mm. The thickness of the multi-tool will mean you can exert quite a bit of force without hurting your hands.

The next aspect you will notice is the wedged end: this is great as a prying tool and the small groove in the middle could function as a way to remove a nail. The acute point on one corner of this wedge can be useful for cutting or scoring cardboard boxes, too.

Specialist features

Unless you are a keen crossbow or bowhunter, the star-shaped cut-outs might not make immediate sense. These are to slide over hunting broadhead arrow tips. These typically have 2, 3 or 4 blades, with 3 being the most common. By sliding the blades into the multi-tool’s recesses, you can twist and unscrew them while keeping fingertips away from the razor-sharp edges.

The nock wrenches are the little rectangular cutouts which permit you to turn the nocks so they are in line with the vanes or broadheads. Being smooth plastic, and small, turning nocks with fingers would be fiddly and uncomfortable. With the multi-tool, it’s easy.

There is an opening that would allow you to slide in a standard bit, two more holes for a neck cord and a clip for your pocket, belt or pack.

Saving the best till last

Arguably the most commonly-used feature (and the most valued) is the bottle opener. No bruising fingers by using a key or coin, the bottle-opener makes short work of bottle caps, ensuring that you can enjoy a refreshment at the end of the day.

If you like the sounds of this mult-itool, take a closer look in our shop.

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