Inspired by the Stinger II Special Edition

The metal magazine has all the performance benefits of the Special Edition Tactical counterpart.

Last year’s AR-6 Stinger II Special Edition bundle was packed full of gear such as a milled aluminum magazine on a Tactical frame, presented in a professional-grade Panaro case. Now Steambow makes its signature metal magazine available to all.

Make your Stinger II more Special

Although the Special Edition sold out in record time, you can now get close to the experience of owning one: Steambow has launched a stand-alone metal magazine for the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical or Compact.

Our most recent YouTube video, published 10th March 2023, shows it in great detail as well as how you mount it to a Stinger II frame.

The Steambow metal magazine is black anodized and comes with all the same features as the Special Edition’s magazine.

All the trimmings

It has three picatinny rails as standard: both on the sides and on top. The magazine lid release is a very comfortable catch that can be operated as easily with heavy gloves as with bare hands. The lid is spring-loaded meaning it will stay open regardless how you hold your Stinger II. Its fiber-optic front sight is laterally adjustable, unlike the polymer magazine’s.

Possibly the neatest addition is the arrow retention button. When you insert a loaded speedloader into a standard magazine, you must hold the arrows down with your thumb before disengaging the speedloader and closing the lid.

Easier reloads

Not so with the Steambow metal magazine: pressing the arrow retention button pushes a bar across the magazine’s arrow channel and stops the shafts from rising when you pull the speedloader free. You’re faster and have fewer chances of fumbling the reload. The button has a return spring, so once the arrows are in place and the lid closed, just release the pressure on it and you’re ready to go.

See for yourself by watching the video and, if you like what you see, go to the Steambow shop and order yours now while stocks last.

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