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Stinger broadheads – Set of 3 pcs.

Stinger broadheads – Set of 3 pcs.

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Attention: Before buying, check the hunting and firearms laws in your country. Die Jagd mit der Armbrust ist in vielen europäischen Ländern verboten! There may also be restrictions on the possession and use of such arrow.

Technical data

Length: 16.2 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 0.6 cm
Arrow weight: 10 g / 154 grains
Cutting width: 21mm

Scope of delivery

  • 3 broadheads with stainless steel blade


Aluminum shaft, stainless steel blade, rubber vans

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Product description

Broadheads with sharp blade - set of 3 pcs., suitable for AR-6 Stinger - shaft red anodized.

The red anodized aluminum stock makes it easy to distinguish in the magazine.

Balance and center of gravity are optimized for an excellent trajectory. Thus we are using a heavy stainless steel tip as well as a completely hollow shaft.
This tip was formed to fit perfectly into the magazine of the AR-6 series.

Arrow weight: 10,25 g / 157 grains
Cutting diameter: 16mm
The blade is made from stainless steel and has a thickness of 1 mm.

Attention: Inquire about the hunting and gun laws in your country before buying. Hunting with a crossbow is prohibited in many European countries! There may also be restrictions on owning and using such arrows.

Caution: Our broadheads with razor-sharp blades turn the AR-6 Stinger II bolt action crossbow into a very dangerous weapon. These arrows, equipped with hunting blades, cut through leather, skin and tissue with ease, causing heavily bleeding wounds. A single hit with such an arrow can easily cause life-threatening injuries, so special care must be taken when handling these arrows.

Scope of delivery

  • 3 broadheads with stainless steel blade