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AR-Series – light Carbon-Bodkin Arrows – Set of 6 pcs.

AR-Series – light Carbon-Bodkin Arrows – Set of 6 pcs.

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The lightweight Bodkin arrows are optimal up to and including 75 lbs.

Technical data

Length: 16.2 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 0.6 cm
Arrow weight: 9,8 g / 151 grains
Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Scope of delivery

  • 6 light Carbon-Bodkin Arrows


Pure carbon shaft, a glued-in tip made of hardened tool steel, a cam made of high-quality polymer.

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Product description

Light Bodkin Arrows for the AR-6 Stinger II and I

The arrows offer high arrow speed and flat trajectory thanks to their low weight. They have a pure carbon shaft, a glued-in tip and a nock made of high-quality polymer.

The Bodkin Arrows with the black coding ring have a sharp point made of hardened tool steel and are heavier than our Target Arrows. The higher weight and hardened point give these arrows considerable penetrating ability. Even though they have no blades, these arrows cause considerably more serious wounds than Target Arrows. That and the ability of these arrows to penetrate targets particularly well makes them especially dangerous. This means that extreme care must be exercised when using bodkin arrows, and better target media are needed. Note that the sharp edges on these arrow points actually cut the target medium, and that Bodkin Arrows thus wear targets out significantly faster than our Target Arrows. Because of this, we do not recommend these arrows for regular practice.

Note: Due to the sharp edges at the tip of the arrow, the target medium is literally cut, the Bodkin arrows thus cause a much higher wear of the target than sports arrows. For regular training, these arrows are therefore only conditionally recommended.

Note: Never use damaged arrows in your AR-6 Stinger. Missed shots can be triggered by this. Such "dry shots" can damage the string and throwing arm.

Caution: These arrows penetrate leather, skin, and tissue with ease, causing severely bleeding wounds, even if the tips are less sharp than the blades of our war or hunting arrows. A single hit with such an arrow can easily cause life-threatening injuries, so special care must be taken when handling these arrows.

Scope of delivery

  • 6 light Carbon-Bodkin Arrows

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