Mounting the FENRIS on your own bow

This short blog gives you a summary of the most recent video, where viewers learned how they could mount a FENRIS to almost any compound bow.

Mounting the FENRIS on your own bow

Steambow’s most recent YouTube video talks about mounting a FENRIS to compound bows not bought as part of Steambow’s FENRIS/M1 bundle.

Steambow’s FENRIS for novices and experts

When Steambow launched its FENRIS compound bow magazine, it was clear that some, if not most, would like how the FENRIS makes accurate shooting much easier. This is especially for novice archers since it mechanically solves the problem of a consistent anchor point (the place against your face where you hold the string when it is fully drawn), which addresses how much energy is stored in the limbs. That regulates how fast the arrow is fired which dictates trajectory.

So consistent anchor points mean consistent power and trajectory, which translate into consistent accuracy.

It followed, therefore, that Steambow should also offer a bow to go with the FENRIS since, without a bow, a FENRIS is just a beautifully-engineered decoration and talking point! Steambow chose the M1. An affordable bow with an excellent range of power adjustments with a relatively compact axle-to-axle height, making it comfortable for archers of different builds and ages.

Using the bow you have

However, there are plenty of archers out there who may well like the idea of owning a FENRIS without the added expense of buying the bow bundle. The only question may be, “Will the FENRIS fit my existing compound bow?”

The short answer is most likely “yes.” The reason is that Steambow has designed the FENRIS in a way that it can be mounted to the majority of compounds on the market by using the existing accessory mounting holes on these bows.

The first example would be a compound that has two pre-drilled and threaded holes for an arrow rest. Many come like this. If you have a bow with two mounting holes for the arrow rest, you are good to go. You have the easiest mounting option: you simply need to follow the FENRIS mounting instructions for fitting, and adjusting, the mounting bracket the FENRIS runs on.

Adapting to all designs

If you have a bow with only one mounting hole for the arrow rest, you cannot mount the FENRIS without an additional part. That part is the FENRIS Universal mounting adapter – for bows with only one thread for the arrow rest, which is sold separately.

Although your bow may not have those two arrow rest holes, it will have pre-drilled holes for other accessories on the riser, and it is this feature that Steambow exploits. The adapter above allows you to create rigid mounting conditions by giving you a great deal of flexibility as to where the second mounting screw should be used.

Taking precautions

The vertical grooves in the adapter will inevitably line up with one of these other supplementary holes and so you can use that to hold the bracket firmly. The only additional consideration is the need for a spacing screw to make sure that you do not put stress on the bracket when tightening your secondary mounting point. The adapter must be held firmly in place (although not excessively) but also parallel to the riser. This ensures that the bracket and the FENRIS will also be parallel, which is key to its correct operation.

So if you’ve been curious about what it feels like to shoot 5 arrows from your compound without even letting go, but you prefer to use your bow rather than buy another, this is how you can do it. If you are interested, visit the shop for a closer look at the FENRIS.

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