Steambow’s carbon arrow range for different limb weights

This blog gives you an overview of the detailed introduction in Steambow’s video about its new range of carbon arrow range for different limb weights.

If you’ve been doing archery for a while, or perhaps after reading our introduction to arrow spine in a recent blog, you will no doubt understand that having an arrow that matches the specifications of your archery equipment is important from an accuracy and safety point of view.

This is just as true for Olympic recurves as it is for pistol crossbows like the AR-6 Stinger II family.

Up until last year, Steambow had been able to meet the needs of its customers with its aluminum range of arrows. That said, Steambow wanted to do better and so they launched carbon hybrid arrows: a carbon sleeve with an aluminum core.

The game changed when Steambow also increased their limb strengths with the maximum available draw weight moving from an impressive 90 lb to a jaw-dropping 150 lb.

And this brings us back to the blog on arrow spine. You need arrows of a certain weight to fly true at a particular draw weight. You also need that particular arrow weight to protect your limb by giving it sufficient resistance to avoid being damaged.

So now, all Steambow’s carbon arrows come in 2 weights: light and heavy. Light for limb weights between 35 and 75 lb, and heavy for limb weights between 90 and 150 lb. You can take a closer look at the individual arrow types here:

This is true for all Steambow’s arrow types: the target arrows, bodkins, hunting arrows and the new warbolts.

So if you want to get the best (and safest) arrows for your Steambow Stinger II pistol crossbow, have a look at the shop now or watch the Youtube video to learn more.

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