Preparing Steambow’s speedloaders for the AR-6 Stinger II

Watch for top tips for easy, safe and reliable speedloader preparation. Make sure your speedloaders perform when you need them to.

The speedloaders come in two types: there’s the variant with a finger grip and another with a colour-coded cord loop. The colour coding matches the colours of the different arrows to easily know, at a glance, which are in your speedloader.

The speedloaders carry 5 arrows. The reason is that if you’re in a situation where you need speedloaders for anything other than fun, you really don’t want to be loading an empty magazine as you are at your most vulnerable. 5 arrows make loading on top of the last one in the magazine possible. Similarly, as the arrows need to be slipped into the open magazine tip first, and at an angle, 6 of them would have made this more fiddly and prone to making mistakes more likely in stressful situations.

The speedloaders are designed to work with any of the 3 existing Stinger II arrow types: blue targets, black bodkins or red broadheads. The method is quite straightforward and it can all be done quickly once familiar, but until that time comes, we recommend you take your time to avoid damaging the speedloaders, the arrows or yourself.

The speedloader consists of a sealed side, at the top (where the finger grip or colour-coded cord is located). To the rear is the semi-closed section and the other two sides (front and lower) are open. The loading process is as follows:

Take your chosen arrow by the shaft and insert point into the nock end of the uppermost slot, under the closed end. Push the arrow in until the vanes reach the edge of the speedloader. Now ensure the vanes line up with the parallel slots on either side of the opening. Once they are lined up, slide the arrow gently in, mindful of any excessive resistance.

Repeat this with 4 more arrows until the speedloader is full. You can, if you prefer, mix and match the arrows you put in. There is no requirement to only load the same arrow types. Throughout the process, be careful of where the tips are pointing, especially in the case of the broadheads.

Both the speedloader types work with the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical and also the Compact and both fit the Stinger II’s quiver. If you plan on carrying the speedloaders in any way, then the quiver is the best way to guarantee you don’t injure yourself or damage your belongings as it keeps the sharp arrow tips out of harm’s way. For that reason alone, it is highly recommended to get one.

That quiver has been cleverly designed to either mount onto one of the generous picatinny rail attachments that are possible on the Stinger II’s frame and magazine, as well as being used with a belt-clip option.

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