Enjoy a different side to the AR-6 Stinger II

Watch our video about the quick, easy and cheaper way to experience shooting the Survival when all you have is a Tactical.

The Tactical is great fun for speed and adrenaline. All that has its place and its uses. The Survival has a different pace and a different purpose.

Enjoying both is possible if you buy one of each, but that might be beyond your budget.

Quick and easy

This week’s video shows you there is an alternative that’s kinder on the wallet: order the Survival’s signature scope rail and stirrup separately. Then all you need is the time it takes you to undo two screws on the Tactical’s magazine, and remove the grub screw holding the limbs tight.

Then simply screw down the scope rail above the trigger and grip assembly, and use the thumbscrew to secure the stirrup and you are ready. Four or five minutes, beginning to end? No doubt less when you’ve done it a couple of times.

More fun, less cost

Then you can enjoy the experience of the deliberate, timed shot of a traditional recurve crossbow. Not to mention the option of mounting a scope.

Watch the video to learn more as well as some safety considerations you might not have thought of.

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