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AR-Series – M10 pre-order bonus bundle

AR-Series – M10 pre-order bonus bundle



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This item is currently not in stock. You can pre-order this item. Delivery is estimated for April 2024. This offer is for a limited time only!

This bundle includes:

Technical data

AR-Series – M10 Upper, polymer
Length: 305 mm
Width: 49 mm
Height: 90 mm
Weight: 484 g

AR-Series – M10 magazine
Length: 170 mm
Width: 30 mm
Height: 66 mm
Weight: 186 g

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Impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymer

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Product description

Awesome features and incredible firepower

Our AR-Series is a versatile platform and its products can be adapted to almost any need or application. This means you can equip and optimize your AR-Series crossbows for hunting, defense, serious target shooting training or just for fun. The M10 upper now doubles the available firepower by using detachable box magazines. This opens up another field of applications: competitive shootings sports in the form of “dynamic crossbow shooting” as well as easy and uncomplicated training for other shooting disciplines like IPSC.

It is easy to quickly exchange the magazines (left and right-handed operation possible) and each of them has capacity of 10 bolts. As those magazines fit into standard mag-pouches for AR-15/M-4 rifles it is comfortable to carry spare magazines. And of course, all our AR-Series arrows fit into these magazines, regardless if they are target arrows or deadly broadheads.

The benefit of detachable magazines is not only the quick reload, but that it is now very easy to quickly exchange the arrow type. This allows you to adapt to any situation. E.g. if you store your crossbow after a target session, you can still very quickly get it ready for a defensive application by loading a magazine filled with hunting arrows. And with razor sharp broadheads those closed magazine offer another advantage: the dangerous tips are enclosed and it is now much less likely to hurt yourself. Especially our AR-6 speedloader needs some care when using them with razor sharp tips and under stress. So you are not only much quicker with a reload but also much safer.

Another safety feature is the new manual safety of the M10 upper. When engaged it reliable prevents accidental discharges. Something you have to be more careful with the AR-6 which has no manual safety. But we are still convinced, in best Austrian weapons building tradition, that the best safety is in between your ears.

Another awesome feature of the M10 is the new AR-15 takedown pin that allows you to quickly exchange the limbs or allowing access to maintain the string.

A big difference to the AR-6 is also the optimized ergonomics: A super low sighting line, especially when using red dots sights, and much improved (and exchangeable) iron sights. This allows even quicker target acquisition and leads to better accuracy. As the iron sights are exchangeable you can later on also install fiber optic sights or night sights.

Thanks to a QD-sling attachment point it is easy to attach a sling to your M10 and we also added a lot of other details and features which are not obvious at the first glance.

One of the best new features are surely the exchangeable front units. The M10 comes, out of the box, with one such units containing a fiber optic front sight and 3 Picatinny rails. Planned are a “tactical front unit” (optimized for tactical light and laser sights) as well as a scope rail with a long Picatinny rail on top for mounting a crossbow scope.

Because of all these attributes the M10 is especially suited for tough applications like defense or the emerging sport of “dynamic crossbow shooting”. This is an action based, very tough shooting sport which is somewhat similar to IPSC but much more physically demanding because you need to manually cock your weapon and overcome various obstacles on the course.

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