Steambow’s complete range of AR-6 Stinger II limbs

We've been steadily expanding the capabilities of our AR-6 Stinger II range with new configurations, arrows and now limb weights.

Our full range of limbs for the AR-6 Stinger II

This blog is a summary of Steambow’s recent YouTube video introducing the full range of limbs for the AR-6 Stinger II. Watch here for a full detailed description.

A great feature of the AR-6 Stinger II is that the AR-6 Stinger II range is a modular platform, unlike the competition. Your buy is a configuration rather than a different crossbow.

Which configuration you opt for and then which parts you enhance it with to meet you personal needs and preferences is all up to you.

However, the Tactical or Survival ship with the standard 55 lbs limb and the Compact with its 35 lbs CQ limb. This way any adult will be able to operate their chosen Stinger II, regardless of age, stature or build. From the outset, Steambow has offered the PRO limb at 90 lbs as a performance upgrade but now the choice is greater. This meant a roughly 60 % power increase between one limb and the next. Steambow now has 3 more limbs on offer.


The ADVANCED limb delivers draw of 75 lbs: a good performance bridge between the TACTICAL and PRO limb and a solid performer in its own right. It turbo boosts the standard’s performance without the added maintenance concerns and physical demands of the PRO.


If the PRO limb raises eyebrows, then the 120 lbs Magnum limb will have jaws dropping. In a crossbow the size of the Tactical or Survival you are now in serious power territory for very serious applications. Watching penetration tests on the Fletched Evolution channel will show you exactly what the 120 lbs MAGNUM is capable of. These ship with the aluminum limb tips as standard and a reinforced string.


The most powerful limb available for the AR-6 Stinger II is the 150 lbs HUNTING limb: think the MAGNUM, and then some. No great surprise that it is aimed at hunters after medium-sized game, but in a crossbow that is barely heavier than the cocking crank you might carry with some full-size crossbows. Penetration tests are even more impressive.

It is recommended the Stinger II Survival since you can seat longer arrows to get the fuller ballistic benefits of the added power and use a 3D broadhead. These limbs also now come with the aluminum limb tips as standard and that tougher string too.

It is worth noting that, while it is not essential, your shooting experience will benefit if you are using more powerful limbs if you also using the tuning trigger.


In summary, you can consider the CQ, TACTICAL and ADVANCED limb for the Compact (although this last one should be more for experienced shooters).

The Tactical can shoot with any limb from the TACTICAL up to the 120 lbs MAGNUM. Although the CQ will not get you much benefit beyond somewhat lower wear and tear of you arrows and string.

Finally, if you want more from your Survival, fit any of the higher draw weights to suit the intended use. Its ability to take longer arrows and be cocked with a stirrup and cocking rope makes the HUNTING a great choice to help fill your freezer next season.

If you want to test your skill and your crossbow’s potential, maybe now is the time to consider which limb you’d like to try: visit our shop and see them in more detail.

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