Set the Compact’s cocking rods

This blog post will show you how to check if the cocking rods need to be readjusted and what to look for.

The key feature of the AR-6 Stinger series of crossbows, beyond being able to store several arrows, is that they can be cocked with ease and speed.

In both the Tactical and Compact, this is possible because of the two hooked cocking rods. In the case of the Compact (due to its pull-back cocking mechanism), it is important that these are set up correctly.

This blog will tell you how to check if they need adjustment and how to do it if needed.

First and foremost, check your AR-6 Stinger II Compact is uncocked and that the magazine is empty. Only then start looking at the process that follows.

Now that your Stinger II Compact is safe to handle, look at it head on. First imagine a clock-face where the magazine is the 12 o’clock and the foregrip is 6 o’clock. Ideally the cocking rods on each side should be leaning out, away from the magazine, towards 11 o’clock on one side and 1 o’clock on the other. If you prefer angles, then you want them to be about 30 degrees away from the magazine body.

If they are, you’re good to go: enjoy your Stinger II safely.

If not, you will need to adjust the cocking rods so that they fit the configuration described above.

So first take the little spanner tool with the black handle and seat it over the nut inside the cocking handle on the side you want to adjust. No need to loosen it a lot, just enough that you can turn the cocking rod out with your fingers but not so they are flapping around. If the nut is too tight, you can use a pair of pliers to grip the spanner and give you extra leverage.

Now that the nut is loosened off, adjust the cocking rod as needed to get that correct angle. Then tighten up the nut at the back again. It needs to be nipped up so the cocking rod won’t move, but not so tight that you can’t undo it without extra tools some time in the future. Not only that but overtightening is not good for your Stinger II anyway. Repeat the process on the opposite side if it needs adjustment too.
Your Stinger II is now set up correctly and cocking the bow will be smooth and reliable. After shooting it a few times, check the cocking rods have not moved position, remembering to make the Stinger II safe beforehand by removing all arrows and decocking it safely. Please don’t dryfire your Stinger. That would damage your crossbow!

Have fun with your Compact.

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